Sheepskin Rugs New Zealand

Indulge in Luxury and Quality with Our Sheepskin Rugs from New Zealand

For the homemaker who wants to create a warm environment and add dimension to their home, we offer a world-class collection of sheepskin rugs in New Zealand. We have been the preferred provider to wholesalers and retailers for a considerable number of years, and now you can have direct access to high-end sheepskin carpets to elevate the aesthetic of your home. You can use our versatile product to make getting out of bed or the sofa easier as you step onto a rug, rich in texture and silky smooth. Perhaps you want to design a living room straight out of the page of a magazine? We have exquisite pieces to bring your interior decorating ambitions to fruition.

What You Can Expect From Bowron Sheepskins Regarding New Zealand Sheepskin Rugs

There is something for everyone in our range of rugs fit for royalty where you can bring the world to your home with arctic fleece from Iceland and Tibetan lamb from the Himalayas to Eurasian steppes.

Regardless of the size and colour you’re looking for, we’ve catered to various home enhancing needs and tastes:

  • Range of products. We provide rare Tibetan lamb rugs characterised by their soft curls for the adventurous homeowner, drawn to the unconventional. Our long wool sheepskin rug is for the individual who appreciates the finer things in life and delights in the opulent.
  • We also offer a wide range of enviable sheepskin designer rugs suited for large areas. The plush collection includes solid colours such as delectable chocolate, pewter grey, mystical orbit and opulent white. Alternatively, you have a choice of rugs with bold detail that includes geometric shapes with striking colour contrasts such as delightful marshmallow and java or enchanting spearmint and white.
  • Range of Colours. Depending on the mood you’re trying to inspire in your space, the unique Tibetan lamb rugs come in an array of colours from cool steel to dark brown and elegant champagne to lavish ivory. Perhaps you’re looking to decorate a girl’s room? We have delicate pink too, to keep things dainty.
  • You’re spoilt for choice in colour of our long wool lambskin range where you have the option of punchy purple for the interior designer who is bold in their decorative pursuits, pastel greens, blues and warm yellow to add a soft pop of colour to your room. The red clay evokes the warmth from a fireplace. The Arctic fleece collection from Iceland also comes in various colours with combinations of black to white to add depth to your room’s colour.
  • Range of sizes. Whether you’re looking for a small, medium or large rug, we have the ideal size to complete the look you’re after. We offer one, two, four and six-piece rugs. 1.5 XL. The twilight tip eight piece luxury sheepskin rugs measure 196cm x 180 cm to make a grand impression and, depending on your preference, the Arctic fleeces in our range come in large 90cm, or jumbo 100cm.

What Sets Bowron Sheepskins Apart Regarding NZ Sheepskin Rugs

We have a rich history that goes back almost one and a half centuries. Although we are firm in our traditions, we continue to evolve where we are actively engaged in remaining leaders in the industry. We also commit to sustainable manufacturing practices which are environmentally friendly.

  • Well established. G.L. Bowron & Co. Ltd originated in Yorkshire, England in 1879. After building a recognised and trusted brand, brothers George and William wanted to expand their horizons and share their master skills with another part of the world. They established themselves in the province of Canterbury which was the leading agriculture centre of New Zealand and well known for the quality of its sheep flocks. Over the years, the small Christchurch tannery grew to perfect the lambskin tanning and manufacturing process to bring you quality products as a result of the handcrafting knowledge that has been passed down for generations.
  • Innovation. In the late 1990s, after expanding the business, the company raised the bar in the tanning process by introducing the ‘Whitan process’. The new closed-loop method was the outcome of a combination of experience of over 100 years with the latest developments in chemistry to bring you internationally recognised quality.
  • Environmentally conscious. The conventional way of tanning causes pollution because of the chemicals used to treat the hide that ends up in wastewater that leads to environmental degradation and is toxic to living beings. The amount of water required during processing is also consequential to the preservation of this vital natural resource. The 'Whitan process' significantly reduces the environmental impact of the tanning and manufacturing process.
  • Child friendly. If you’re in the process of decorating a baby’s room or are looking for a memorable gift for a mom-to-be, our Bowron baby care soft washable sheepskin rugs are a perfect choice. Because they’re made from natural fibre, you can use them comfortably during any season. They have been immersion sanitised for additional hygiene protection and, for added convenience, you can machine wash them. Their quality ensures that the piece lasts for years to eventually become a family heirloom.

Always make sure your slippers are completely dry before storing away to prevent any fungus or mould from forming on the inside.

Why Trust Bowron Sheepskins

We have been manufacturing sheepskin mats for over a century. When you purchase from us, you take ownership of a part of this family business’s proud heritage. For sheepskin rugs from NZ that inspire, contact us.