Sheepskin Slippers New Zealand

What Sets Us Apart When It Comes to Sheepskin Slippers New Zealand

With our tradition of handcrafting skills and knowledge passed on through generations, our sheepskin slippers in New Zealand come with over 100 years of skillful craft and improvements. We cherish the closed-loop Whitan process once created by George and William Bowron and aim to develop the technique further into the future. At Bowron, we strive to invent and create new ideas and designs while remembering and embracing our heritage.

Benefits Of Sheepskin Slippers NZ

Our feet require more care than we realise, from powders to creams. We've heard about people having backaches from wearing the wrong shoes. So, your comfort is what we aim for when we design our sheepskin slippers.

  • Sheepskin is incredibly soft, which will give your feet extra comfort. The relaxation of the cosiness from the slippers may help you reduce stress and anxiety. The softness of the slippers also adds warmth to your feet while not overheating.
  • Distributing your body weight evenly throughout your feet will ensure that you don't create any additional strain on your spine, legs, and feet. In addition, with the elastic fibres in sheepskin slippers, you may reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers by evenly distributing your weight.
  • Sheepskin contains lanolin that is anti-bacterial. The lanolin is highly beneficial for preventing foot odours or additionally if you suffer from inflammation or rashes. Also, lanolin may help with keeping the skin on your feet healthy and smooth.

Tips For Getting More Value Out of Your NZ Sheepskin Slippers

The cleaning process of our luxury sheepskin slippers is quite simple; not quite as simple and throwing it in the washer and hanging it in the sun to dry, but still relatively simple.

  • We recommend using a soft, damp cloth to rub the dirt off the surface of the slipper. Be careful not to use too much friction as you may damage the fibres. Also, don't submerge the slippers in water to try to get the dirt off; this may cause some of the additional glues for the soles and fibres to soften and may result in the slippers coming apart or not lasting as long.
  • There are multiple sprays available that help keep sheepskin slippers waterproof which is highly beneficial for keeping your slippers in good condition and lasting longer. You can apply this spray straight after receiving your slippers. Some of these sprays may also prevent your slippers from getting stains from dirt or winter salts.
  • To clean the inside of the slippers, you can use an anti-fungal foot spray that can prevent any fungus and mould formations. If you have stains on the slippers, you can remove them by mixing water with distilled vinegar and rubbing gently on the stain's surface with a cotton ball. After using the mixture on the affected area, remember to wipe it off with a damp cloth to avoid creating more marks.

Always make sure your slippers are completely dry before storing away to prevent any fungus or mould from forming on the inside.

Why Trust Bowron Sheepskins

Since 1879, we have been handcrafting beautiful New Zealand sheepskin slippers and other sheepskin products here at Bowron. We pride ourselves in our excellent lambskin and sheepskin tanning and manufacturing abilities and aim to bring you the highest quality products available in New Zealand.

When master tanners George and William Bowron of Yorkshire, England came to Christchurch and started a small tannery, they started a family tradition of creating sheepskin products. After developing the Whitan process that's now internationally recognised, our quality rating went through the ceiling, and our environmental impact decreased significantly. Bowron has expanded and introduced chemistry along with the Whitan process to develop the best-handcrafted products you can find.

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