Natural Black long wool Rectangle Rug

Desirable sense of style. Magnificent, longwool lambskins selected from the finest New Zealand and Australian flocks are used in the manufacture of BOWRON longwool designer rugs. From traditional mono color to contemporary design, these superb rugs are at home in any environment... home/ office/ hospitality. Skilled craftspeople meticulously select and match individual pieces then stitch together to produce extravagant floor rugs... opulent luxurious softness, depth and a desirable sense of style.

Please note: All Bowron design rugs are handmade to order to ensure superior quality. Therefore it may take up to eight weeks to be delivered to your door.



  • 4’ x 6’ / 120cm x 180cm
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long wooled sheepskin natural black area rug
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We recommend that this product be drycleaned ONLY.
We recommend using a professional drycleaning service.

General Care

  • Regular vigorous shaking of the product will help to maintain and restore the natural soft product appearance.
  • Products benefit from regular vacuuming on medium suction using standard nozzle attachment only.
  • Do not use rotating vacuum head attachment.


  • While products are not in use and require to be stored (loose or packaged) we recommend that they be kept in a cool airy position.
  • Avoid storage in direct sunlight.
  • Do not store in plastic packaging for any extended period as condensation and creasing may occur.
  • Fold/crease marks caused by storage or packaging will diminish over a period of time.

USA only

  • In compliance with USA regulations this product has had flame retardant chemical applied.
  • We recommend this product be drycleaned ONLY.
  • We recommend using a professional drycleaning service.
  • Note:  Drycleaning will lessen the effectiveness of the flame retardant application.