At Bowron our beautifully crafted bespoke rugs are unparalleled in the market place. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a unique solution to suit anyone, from a small statement to compliment a room, all the way to a lavish space enhancing work. For your special requirement, design, colour and dimensional needs our experienced team can help you transform your dream idea into a reality that not only satisfies your requirements but brings undeniable luxury to any room. Working closely with you we will engage our in-house development team to customize your specific solution, including unique colours, custom sizes and design variants that complements the sheepskin.

From over a century of experience in producing beautiful sheepskin products Bowron has perfected the skill of providing customers with the highest level of quality. Every rug made is masterfully cut, matched and hand sewn to create luxurious floor coverings while achieving an unrivaled result. All rugs are carefully designed and constructed to give the upmost respect to the natural sheepskin to create the finest quality and feel.

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