Sheepskins New Zealand

Order Sheepskins in New Zealand Produced in Our Trusted State-of-the-Art Tannery

We produce our sheepskins in New Zealand via the tanning process we introduced to the world in the 1990s. Our locally owned and operated company combines 100 years of handcrafting experience and knowledge with the breakthrough closed loop Whitan process and revolutionary chemistry.

The History of Our New Zealand Sheepskins

Aware that the adjoining Canterbury province was a prominent agricultural centre known for its high-quality sheep flocks, William and George Bowron, master tanners and handcrafters from Yorkshire, left for Christchurch. They started a tannery bearing their name in 1879.

  • Doing so began a family tradition of sheep- and lambskin tanning and manufacturing. It grew from a small business into the internationally recognised, respected, established - yet fiercely patriotic - New Zealand company of today.
  • We invested a significant amount of capital in developing the benchmark Whitan Process. We built our ultramodern tannery during the 1990s to continue the proud Bowron legacy.
  • Range of Colours. Depending on the mood you’re trying to inspire in your space, the unique Tibetan lamb rugs come in an array of colours from cool steel to dark brown and elegant champagne to lavish ivory. Perhaps you’re looking to decorate a girl’s room? We have delicate pink too, to keep things dainty.
  • Our business constantly advances based on the path we have travelled while focusing on the future. We produce and supply top-quality, consumer safe products that offer good value to our customers.

Why not look at our collection of authentic decorative throws and textured rugs to discover our seasonal colours? Our sheepskins will suit any room in your home.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Coloured Sheepskins

Consider our luxurious, stylish, opulent luxury sheepskin rugs in a range of colours that will enhance any interior. We transform the world’s finest lambskin into either white or differently hued traditional products, including car seat covers, beanbags, slippers, and cushion covers.

  • Which colours do you want to add to your décor? Champagne, seafoam, burgundy, sage, black, baby pink, squash, cocoa, or steel? How about blue, purple, or red clay, to name just a few of our variety of options.
  • Make a nook or a large space softer and more comfortable underfoot. We supply single, one-and-a-half, two-, four-, six-, and eight-piece sheepskins to fit any area you wish to beautify. You also have a choice of sizes.
  • You may wish to consider our Icelandic Sheepskin Collection. We import the rare materials from Iceland, and our Christchurch tanners turn them into exceptional rugs. Each arctic fleece has its own character and natural or dyed colouring. We have limited volumes available in natural dusty brown, black-and-brown, grey, black-and-white, and dark brown. You may prefer the dyed beige-, charcoal-, or fluffy white. Why not browse our rugs and Tibetan sheepskin cushion covers in NZ and at the same time?
  • Our plush designer rug range offers stylish carpets and solid sizing to cover substantial spaces with intricate and plain patterns. We have a collection of short wool, short, curly wool and longwool sheepskin flooring in different sizes and hues. Place one on your hardwood floor or layer it on top of a monochrome carpet for a luxurious feel.

We offer a family collection of NZ sheepskins that includes an underlay, character rugs for kids, babies and pets, stroller liners, pyjama bags, and medical mats.

Our Sheepskins in NZ are Available and Safe for Your Family

Baa Baby in the UK is one of the companies that stock a range of our babycare products. They sell our shorn fleece for playpens, car seats, prams, and floor rugs because they regard our firm as committed to excellence. They note that we hand-finish our merchandise and use the most advanced and environmentally sensitive technology available.

  • Our sheepskins have received the Sanitized ® seal of approval, an internationally acknowledged norm of hygiene protection recognised for comfort and cleanliness. Our shorn, medically tanned sheepskin items undergo added quality control. Our long hair rugs are eco-tanned, which means they too are free of harmful substances such as chrome, contain vegetable dyes and are baby safe.
  • Baa Baby only sells ethically sourced products and views our Bowron Babycare long hair lambskin rugs and liners as a soft, safe option for babies and the planet. The gentle texture and breathability of the dense wool fibres offer support, equal weight distribution, and comfortable sleep as the lambskin absorbs pressure without compressing.
  • Sheepskin is thermostatic to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. It allows an airflow next to the body on warmer days and absorbs moisture to keep you comfortable and fresh. The fibres catch and retain the heat your body creates when it's cold. The fleece contains natural lanolin, which is a moisturiser that soothes the skin.
  • Lanolin contains self-cleaning properties. Hang the liner in the air daily so the dirt-repellent assets can go to work on fighting bacteria, germs and illness, which makes chemical cleaning products unnecessary. Just sponge slightly soiled areas off. German research indicates the microbes in sheepskin may boost the immune system to diminish the possibility of getting asthma later in life.

Follow safe sleeping practices. We suggest you put a sheet over your baby’s lambskin bedding and place little ones on their backs to sleep until one year old.

Why You Should Buy Bowron Sheepskins

We sell our quality consumer products to private consumers, small and large retailers in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We have the production capacity to supply the items you order online. Feel free to visit our factory outlet store in Christchurch if you wish to view our articles personally.

Contact us to ask questions or place an order for tied and dyed sheepskins.